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The Psychology of Timings and Email Marketing

A lot has been written about Email Message Design and how to create interest in your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Bringing these two factors together and looking at the Psychology of your Email Marketing and the time of the day that you send your emails is the next step to maximizing the impact of your email campaign.

At Mobilize Mail it is our job to ensure that your Email Marketing Campaign hits the recipients inbox and we want it to arrive at a time that is most likely to be opened, read and responded to.

We keep up with the research out there and then put into practice what the research suggests and supports. A lot this action is of course trial and error as the information you share and who you are sharing it with will play the biggest role in an email marketing campaign success.

Research suggests there are times of the day that show a greater open rate than other times.  Here are some of the key times to focus on or to avoid – this information is from an American site so it is not exactly accurate for New Zealand – in my humble opinion.

Email Timing Hints

  • The Consumer AM – This time spot is the early one, 6am until 10am and comes 2nd in the most popular time to open an email.  Often the beginning of the work day, recipients will allow themselves to distracted by non work emails.
  •  Do Not Disturb – 10am until lunchtime recipients are not opening email marketing communications and are very work focused.
  • The Lunchtime News – Recipients may be less likely to open emails during their lunchbreak and rather focus on news website.
  •  In the Zone – Between 2pm – 3pm is the post lunch phase recipients are work focused and may respond to email offers in the financial service sector.
  • Life Changing Afternoon – The Mid afternoon time of 3pm to 5pm shows workers focus is drifting and they can be distracted by emails about property.
  • Working Late – In the 5pm – 7pm time zone there is an increase in opening of emails, particularly email campaigns on holidays.
  • Last Orders – 7pm until 10pm.  Studies show that nearly a quarter of all promotional emails opened were opened in the Last Orders slot, recipients are relaxed and “off the clock” so are more relaxed and happy to open and respond to emails.
  • The Dead Zone – is the late spot 10pm until 6am, this is a time where most recipients are not at work and is a really ineffective time to email.


In New Zealand – we are not as smart phone ready as the Americans – we are more likely to read emails off our desktop, or laptop and during the business day.

Most of what has been mentioned in timezone however fits NZ except the ‘last orders’ I am not convinced that is correct for New Zealand – we are more likely on social media networking sites during that time zone or dare I say it – watching TV.

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