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Reduce the Cost of Converting Prospects into Customers

Converting Prospects into Customers is the most expensive process in your Business

FACT: For every 10 prospects that deal with your business only 1 will become a customer.

As an example lets say the cost to your business to engage a prospect through your customer acquisition program is $100.00 then using the fact above you waste on average $900.00 for every 10 prospects!

This ratio actually gets worse if the prospect arrives via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our 12-month social media research project concluded that only 1 prospect out of 50 will ever become a customer due to the nature of social networks.

Mobilize Mail’s CampaignHub (social media marketing service) identifies the prospects that have a real potential of becoming customers by monitoring each prospects interaction through a series of automated “set and forget” social media and email marketing channels that require no staff input and no ongoing cost once setup.

The resulting list of real prospects are then segmented automatically for further automated processing or can be contacted by your team directly knowing that each prospect has shown real interest in your business.

By using CampaignHub’s social media and email marketing filtering tools the cost of customer acquisition for your business can be dramatically reduced with the added benefit of being fully automated.

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