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Give Away Prize Draws Return Big Results For Business

It’s all about the deal in 2011. The ‘daily deal’ email is now a firm fixture in our Inbox and this activity has changed the way consumers shop, drink and eat out.

Online give away prize draws are also in high demand with lots of entrants signing up to win all sorts of prizes. Times are definitely tougher in 2011 and consumers are therefore motivated to enter prize draws for the chance to get a decent product or service for free.

However what does the campaign owner (i.e. the Business) get from giving stuff away?

The most obvious answer is more custom – from existing and new clients. This outcome is usually instant but often short lived so it pays to look more broadly at the other benefits that can be gained from measureable online Prize Draws campaigns.

Give away prize draw campaigns are most challenging in the planning stage. Depending on the complexity of the Entrant sign up page it is during the planning that you decide what information you need to capture from your campaign entrants to get the appropriate measurement and ROI for your business.

Your first campaign will more than likely fail to net you all the rewards on offer however with practice comes perfection or near perfection and many of our clients are now running three or four campaigns every year and building on their success each time.

Elect to use Prize Draw campaign software that enables you to capture information that can be set to trigger instant email alerts and auto message response.

In our experience offering a full customisable Campaign environment enables our clients to try out new options each time plus get instant feedback and possibly instant sales too whilst their campaign is still live.

There are less obvious benefits for running online give away campaigns. For example; we know it’s hard to keep growing your email list – what with the usual rate of attrition and slow uptake of new subscribers email-marketing lists diminish over time.

So how happy would you be – if you were our client who recently ran a two week prize draw campaign (in July 2011) and received over 5000 new subscribers on their email list as a result?

You’d be delighted! And while it was not their number one goal, which was (of course) more sales, it was a valuable outcome for the business.

Another recent prize-draw success story….a ‘Friend get Friend’ initiative

August 2011 – 1st Entrant refers 2nd Entrant who refers 150+ Entrants – wow!

Just imagine the possibilities if you could get every Entrant referring just 10 other Entrants let along as many as 150.

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