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Business Email Marketing Tips For The Pro



Most businesses have been doing emailing marketing for so many years they’d be forgiven for believing there’s nothing new to learn.  Well until they read the  article contributed to BusinessBlogs recently that’s trending right now.  Titled: “B2B email marketing Pitfalls to avoid,” it has  recommendations  for the pro email marketer and tips for businesses reliant on email as their primary sales channel.

If you believe you’re a pro at email marketing then you probably think you’re already managing all areas that affect the success of email marketing however marketing changes and so too the expectations of your email list subscribers.

What’s Left To Learn About Email Marketing?

Content and presentation are always front of mind for most email marketers however I suggest you’ll get a few more tips from this aforementioned article: B2B email marketing Pitfalls to avoid.

Email marketers are not usually the best testers of emails and testing while tedious is a fundamental process of email marketing campaign management.

Checking the presentation and the content of the eDM, not only for spelling and grammar, but also for it’s suitability for it’s intended audience and representation of your business i.e. check it’s not ego-centric or misleading.  This is not a job for the copywriter, give it to someone else in your business or a third party to review and critique.

Delivering the email (eDM) via your ESP (email service provider) and checking all the links work and link to the correct webpages is also a job that should be shared among your colleagues or stakeholders.

Asking for feedback is another action not well utilised by a lot of businesses and understandably so, no one wants to get a negative response.  However more can be gained from it than praise so even though there may be some feedback you’d prefer not to receive the action you take thereafter can be a game changer.

Finally email marketing is still relevant and hugely successful when done well.  With segmentation  there’s so much to learn but thankfully it’s well explained in the article on BusinessBlogs.

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