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Email ROI Beats Social, Mobile, Search

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Email’s ROI is still ahead of most offline and online channels according to Direct Marketing Assoc. Email’s ROI is twice as good as Social, Mobile, and Direct Mail and a third better than Search. However it’s a channel that needs nurturing. Your email list subscribers need regular communication from your business and on this blog and in our revised 2016 ebook we have tips on how to improve your communication. Plus here are more helpful tips to improve your rate of email conversion (opens and clicks).

Email Marketing – Mix It Up, Keep It Regular, Use Preview Panel

Your email marketing plan is the first step to success! In your plan add a delivery timeline of all your email campaigns for the next 12 months.

Plan to deliver at least one eDM to your subscribers every month and mix it up.

Not every email will deliver the same conversion rate and a drop in opens or clicks is an opportunity to review the message statistics of a series of campaigns to work out what type of content works with your email list.

How are your email campaigns using the ‘preview panel’ and pre-header text? Make sure there a strong call to action to get the open – you want your recipients to at a minimum skim the entire eDM, and clicking links within it.

All email campaigns should now be in responsive design – so they respond well in the preview panel of Inboxes and on mobiles.

Use videos. The mention of ‘video’ in the subject heading and early in the eDM achieves a higher open and click rate.

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