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Business Email Marketing Grows

Businesses reliance on email as a communications channel with customers, prospects and advocates is growing with it’s use expanding beyond the monthly newsletter. A recent Salesforce survey lists typical campaign types used by their customers. While most of their customers are located in America; here in New Zealand the types of email campaigns are growing too.

How Are NZ Businesses Using Email Marketing?


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Types of email campaigns used by New Zealand Businesses could be plotted on the adoption bell curve to show which group is using which type of campaign. Newsletters are typically used by all groups – even the laggards are finally using email marketing to deliver an e-newsletter over a paper-based campaign.

The other types of email campaigns frequently used by New Zealand businesses are generic requiring little personalisation and include: event or invitations; product or service sales; exclusive deals and auto responders. The early and late majority are fully onboard with using these types of email campaigns and they are using some personalisation such as location to achieve a healthy ROI.

The need to capture more personalised data for more targeted email campaigns has only the innovators and early adopters using email for these types: loyalty programs; re-engagement, anniversary, birthday, lead scoring, cross-sell recommendations.

The use of email for social and mobile opt in is growing and soon social selling and video ads, will become the norm. Irrespective of how your business is using email marketing, the key to success is tracking and measuring conversion rates of different campaigns to improve your ROI.

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