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Why You Need To Email Market Generation Xers


You may be wondering why your business needs to specifically email market Generation Xers. Well this generation is ‘all powerful’ yet it is known as ‘the forgotten generation’ due to being quickly pushed aside to get to the ‘Millennials’.

Businesses typically mass market the millennials and baby boomers

Gen. Xers however have the most spending power of all the other generations. The Generations being: Traditionals (pre 1935), Baby boomers, Gen. X, Y Millennials (25 – 35), Z.

Generation X’s population is the third largest after baby boomers and millennials; yet it’s ‘high earners’ make up a larger percentage of the total population than the higher earners of the other generational groups. The rest of Gen Xers also earn more than the mass population of the other groups too. So it really kind of makes sense to know how to market to them.

Did you know Gen Xers are generally happy, and confident they’ll be financially better off twelve months from now? Generation Xers are thinking about their retirement and they want to be ‘well off’  therefore they’re happy to save for a rainy day (probably not what you want to hear). However they’re not without their immediate worries and they’re motivated to elevate them (yes, here’s your business opportunity).

Health is a big concern with this Generation and it actually concerns them more than it does the Baby Boomers. Crime and climate change also worry Gen. Xers. Hitting middle age also challenges them and their priorities. They still want to do whatever they can themselves (DIY) and they want to retain their health and youthful appearance for as long as they can. However they’re primarily focussed on providing well for their family, with improved safety, and comfort – all in a way that’s gentle on the planet!

Generation Xers Love Email

Generation Xers embraced email and have not let it go! It is the channel they trust for communication with Businesses and you can read more on email preferred over social media.

Research Source American Express

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