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How Your Email Marketing Grabs Attention

In our last blog post we confirmed email is the preferred form of communication.  Even retail customers prefer email over face to face interaction.   In this blog post we let you know how you can get Millennials (and really probably almost everyone else) to taken action off your eDMs (email marketing).

Videos Rule – Who Doesn’t Love YouTube Cat Videos?

Videos rule with the Millennials and most of us also respond well to the format.  Your business can use it too in your email communication to get the initial open and click.  Embed youtube videos on your website blog and link to them in your email communication.

Seek To Entertain

While your eDMs will mostly contain information pertaining to your business there is always room for bit of light entertainment.  We’re all bombarded with adverts on a daily basis.  The marketing that sticks usually includes an item that’s slightly left field.  A slightly naughty image or caption or an adorable puppy.  Millennials (25 – 35 years) love to be entertained.  The use of entertainment and cute animals can lead the customer directly to the shop floor.

Check out this marketing ploy by Hush Puppy…..

Smartphones Rule With Millennials

Eighty four percent of people aged between 25 – 35 have and use a smartphone in the USA. While that statistic will not be as high in NZ yet – it will not be far off so make sure your eDMs are in responsive design.

Regularly check your eDM statistics for the devices used to open the eDM campaign. If mobile use is up to a quarter your business could be missing out on vital conversion if your email marketing messages are not designed to present well on the smaller screens.

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