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Email Marketing – Eighty Percent Success Is Just Doing It


Are you struggling to get your email marketing going in 2015?  If you are, you’re probably not alone however relax, just by doing it at all you’re eighty percent on your way to success.

To kick start your email marketing communication today follow these tips starting with eDM content.

eDM Content

Communicate your business news, plans for your business including your schedule of events or new product/service releases.  As well as any last minute deals available.

It can be tough getting started on eDM content especially after an extended break from it.  Therefore consider outsourcing the copywriting and eDM presentation of your first newsletter or two so they are done. Remember it’s the doing that counts, and if your email subscribers haven’t heard from your business for some time the focus of these initial eDMs is to reaffirm your business’ intentions for the year ahead.

eDM Design

Ensure your eDMs are in responsive design.  Use a new header image for your newsletter and also a fresh colour scheme may be appropriate too.  Changing it up will not only inspire you it will also get your email subscribers taking notice and you’ll see an improvement your conversion rate.

Good luck and remember we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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