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Mobile Devices Used More To Visit Social Sites

What’s trending in the US now – may be real for our local businesses in six to twelve months.

New Zealand’s location and high online costs are a couple of the contributing factors in this lag-time behind the US.  However New Zealand Businesses can use it to their advantage.  The local retailers who followed the US retailers by offering an online solution ahead of the rest are the winners.  There are many retailers who have just left it too late.    This website tells you what’s going on in the US market now and it is relevant to us here in New Zealand – as it’s essentially a look at the future.


What’s trending in the US now will reach us within the year.  People are watching less TV and spending more time online.  When they go online they are using their mobile devices.

In an earlier blog post Mobile edges out TV it was revealed that for the first time US Adults spend more time online than watching TV.  Viewing habits have changed too. TV watchers spend hours on end watching TV in one sitting whereas online viewers may spend just a few minutes per sitting at regular intervals throughout the day so ‘little but often’.

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are now preferred over other devices (laptops, desktop computers) to visit online sites including social networks. While this may not quite be a reality yet in New Zealand it’s coming and forewarned is forearmed!

With users happy to visit their favorite networking sites using their mobiles, we recommend Business social profiles receive more regular attention. Your business may need to spend more time on its social profiles and ensure all business blog posts are readily broadcasted to them to keep in the minds of its intended audience.

Mobile devices (tablets, smartphones)  will rule here in the not too distant future.  Ensure your online assets not only look good but also encourage interaction.  Your google analytics and mobilize mail email marketing statistics will confirm how your business marketing is performing to this growing sector.


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