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Mobile Edges Out TV For First Time

Mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) edged out TV for the first time in 2013.

The channels eMarketer targeted for comparison were: TV, Radio, Print (magazines, newspapers), and Digital (includes non voice mobile, online and other digital activity e.g. streaming videos, music etc).


We’ve known for some time that Print has had it’s day and Radio appears to be following a similar fate as it continues to lose market share.  We still spend a lot of time watching TV (in the US and NZ) but last year (in the US) more time was spent online via mobile devices.   Here in New Zealand we are said to be approximately six to twelve months behind the US – and that would suggest TV still reigns here as the leader but not for much longer.

Combining online and mobile devices, however, eMarketer expects US adults to spend 5 hours 46 minutes with digital media daily this year, increasing digital’s lead over television to well over 1 hour per day. – See more

Marketing spend is also increasing online not just in the US but also in New Zealand.  There are so many more options available to market your brand online too so it’s important to get the right strategy for your business.  The starting point is your own online assets (website, blog, landing pages) and channels – ensuring your business can be found via various social sites and your website and landing pages respond well in mobile devices.

Six to twelve months from now responsive websites, landing pages, blogs and eDMs (email marketing messages) will be a given and if your business is not responsive it may lose online traffic.  A good starting point is to gauge where your visitors are coming from and what device they are using and plan for your move to responsive when you believe your business can no longer ignore it’s visitors (prospects, clients) mobile usage.

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