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Is Your Email Unsubscribe Rate Normal?

Well we know there is no such thing as ‘normal’ so we can all relax.  The experts who analyse email marketing statistics can and do arrive at an average unsubscribe rate range however we believe looking at that rate in isolation of other factors may deter you away from analysing your statistics regularly on the belief that what you are doing is acceptable.

Our research has located recent articles supporting an average unsubscribe rate of between 0.2 – 1 percent. So for every 1000 recipients receiving an eDM up to 10 unsubscribes can be expected.  At that rate if you were delivering just two messages a month  24 percent of your initial email list may have unsubscribed after a year. Therefore 240 new subscribers would need to be added to your email like to keep the status quo.

Do you know how many people unsubscribed from your email list in the last 12 months?  It’s an exercise worth doing and we have tips for improving your unsubscribe rate that you can apply immediately.

Tips For Improving Your Unsubscribe Rate

  1. Segment your email list into regions, topics, likes etc and encourage the subscriber to provide their preferences when they sign up for your eDM communication
  2. Use customised content specific to each subscriber and arrange in the eDM in order of preference
  3. Use Mobilize Mail’s new ‘follow up’ message feature (sends an eDM to recipients who have not taken action)

It is important to maintain the quality as well as quantity of your email list.  Ideally businesses want to focus more on growing their email list.  Click here to learn how to grow your mailing list

There are many factors that will move your unsubscribe up and down and we believe it is highly worthwhile reviewing your eDM activity every three months or more often if you are mailing out every week to ensure your recipients are not tuning out on a permanent basis.



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