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Does Email Marketing Create Sales For Your Business?

There is a very simple way to find out if your email marketing is creating sales for your business.

When you use an ESP like Mobilize Mail you get statistics per eDM (email marketing) campaign.  These statistics let you know what the recipients did with the message you sent to them i.e. did they open it (download the images) and did they click any links in the eDM.

These statistics are a great start in understanding if email marketing directly results in sales for your business – but there’s a lot more measurement to be done to identify if an actual sale was directly attributed to an eDM campaign.

Your eDM landing pages (the pages recipients click through to from the email message) need to have Google Analytics (GA) code on them so all activity on the page is measurable.

The measurement available when GA is set up correctly can let you know if your New Zealand business is getting sales directly from your email marketing.  How this works….

Before you deliver your eDM to your recipients add Google UTM tags – this is where you do it in Mobilize Mail’s MMAPP3 ‘Set Delivery’ tab.

Mobilize Mail Email Marketing Dashboard



Here is how it would look in your GA account……see the entry for ‘newsletter’

Traffic Sources Overview - Google Analytics-28.jpg

If you have set up goals for these landing page you will be able to track clicks off these pages too.  The landing pages may display product for sale or quote requests for services.  All action taken by the visitor on the landing page can be tracked and measured – and although GA will not tell you who the visitor is you’ll be able to work this out via your eDM click statistics – where all recipients who have clicked the landing page link are identified.

Tracking sales off your eDMs is achievable and will prove how effective your sales promotions really are and if your email marketing is generating sales. Magic!


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