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Facebook Tips For New Zealand Business – The Final Installment

This is the final part of our series on Facebook tips for New Zealand Businesses, well as final as it can be. Facebook is a constantly changing environment and keeping up with all the changes can be a bit daunting.

Get the Social Media Marketing basics right and always be professional on your page, keeping up with the changes will happen as you become more confident with your Facebook page.

How to create milestones
– If you want to add more content to your page and create a more engrossing experience, Milestones are the way to go. Usually, Milestones are reserved for important moments in your company’s lifetime. It’s good to highlight these with images of moments (such as when the company was founded) to tell its story.

This way, you add a human touch to the company, and those who go through your page will become more invested in it. Remember that milestones can be presented in one- and two-column formats.

Below is an example from Lego that shows a photo of where it all began. Your business may not go back as far, but it’s good to acknowledge a beginning.

How to add interests lists and page owners – Alongside the numerous other features you have on your page, there is the option to create a featured “likes” list as well as link to the Facebook pages of page owners, a move that can help improve subscriptions for that page. To add “likes” or page owners, simply go to “Admin Panel,” select “Update Info,” and go to the “Featured” section. You can add more featured “likes” and featured page owners that will appear on your page.

How to remove recent posts by others – If your page is getting unwelcome comments by numerous users, and it’s distracting people from your main posts, you can get rid of the box entirely by going into “Admin Panel” and selecting “Update Info.” When that’s done, click “Manage Permissions” and un-click the box beside “Post Visibility.”

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