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Facebook Tips – Advanced

This is part three in Mobilize Mail‘s series on Facebook Tips For New Zealand Businesses and in this installment we will cover some more advanced Facebook management features, like knowing when to post, pinning photos and how to optimize your page for SEO – all key ingredients for your Social Media Marketing success.

  • How to find your past Facebook activity – If you want to find an old post, you can activate the “Activity” log by going into “Edit page” at the top. Here you can see all the past actions relating to your page, including status updates, images, tagged posts, and comments.
  • How to pin and adjust posts – You can place an older post at the top of your page by pinning it. To do so, go into “Edit” and select “Pin to Top.” This will put the post at the top so it will be the first thing people see when they scroll down the page. You also have the option of repositioning photos. Select this option, and you can move the image around within the frame
  • Integrating a WordPress blog with Facebook – If you have your own blog for your company, and it is in WordPress, you can tag and post onto your own page. You can also mention the names of pages and friends when you make your blog live to alert them to your latest post. This is useful if you want to help get your posts shared across the site.
  • How to know when to post – Knowing when to post a status update is important, you want them to reach as many people as possible. Make sure you know your audience by looking at analytics and be sure to experiment with different posting times to find out when you get the most reach.
  • Optimising your page for search engine optimization (SEO) – Although it’s probably not your main site, you should still optimise your Facebook page because they appear in search engines. There are many ways to optimize your page. Make sure you’re using keywords in your updates, on your “About” page, photos, links, and updates to help improve your chances.

To gain a seamless relationship between Facebook and your other assets, like blogs and other social media sites, talk to Mobilize Mail and we can use our ‘publish once – broadcast many’ systems to help your business grow online.

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