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Facebook Tips – Managing your Page

In part two of our look at Facebook’s key areas we are focusing on managing your page. There are many different options available when setting up your business on Facebook, the following are a few key ways to manage this and keep on top of social media marketing.

Adding multiple admins to the page

Your business may have a few different people who manage your Facebook page. Rather than sharing the one Facebook account, you can add multiple administrators.  In your Facebook page, select “Edit Page” and then click on “Manage Admins.”  Once there, you can add the new person either by selecting their personal Facebook account or by sending that person an email invite.

Remember, if an admin leaves your company, you should remove them as an admin.  It is ideal to have 3 or 4 admins but try not to have too many.

Manage roles

You can assign different roles to different people, they don’t just have to be admins.  There are now five different roles available: insights analyst, advertiser, moderator, content creator, and manager. Each role has different responsibilities, so depending on the size of your business you may or may not use all of them.

Promote your updates

Most people think that when they post an update, photo, or offer, the amount of people who “like” their page automatically see that content.   In reality it is much different.  Facebook uses a thing called “EdgeRank” to make decisions on who sees your content.  Because of EdgeRank, it is possible that only 10 to 15 percent of people who “like” your page to actually see your content.

To fix this, you can use Facebook’s advertising tool to get people to see your content. Under each status update, you will see a button saying “Promote This Post.” Clicking on this will help your post get seen by more people who “like” your page.   But promoting your content costs money so look into the costs and the return on investments for this option.

More about EdgeRank

EdgeRank decides whether brand posts show up in people’s news feeds on the basis of weight, affinity, and time decay.  Content that is posted at peak times and that is popular will be more likely to spread across your Facebook network; it also helps if your Facebooks fans regularly use and view your page.

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