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Facebook tips – Competitions

If you are small business or operate with a small team then you probably do not have a lot of time for social media marketing and trying to stay on top of the constant changes that the likes of Facebook undergo can seem daunting. Using Facebook to its potential makes sense but can be a challenge for businesses.

Over the next few weeks Mobilize Mail will look at some key areas within Facebook, starting with competitions, that will help you with managing your brand on a Facebook page.

Understanding Competitions

A very common question is “What are the rules about competitions on Facebook?”

Many businesses see competitions as a way of gathering new fans and “likes” and by offering prizes or running prize draws and asking people to “like” and “share” with their friends, they see this as way to grow a presence on Facebook.

Facebook have rules around this and they state that you are “not allowed to use any native functionality within Facebook for competitions.” This means that you cannot ask for “likes,” comment, share, or do anything else on Facebook to enter a competition. The main reasoning behind this is to cut down on spam.

You can run competitions on Facebook tabs, but you will have to build your own app to do it or get an app from another site.

How to run competitions

Now that you know the rules, you can begin to create a competition. Make sure that you run competitions within “Apps For Facebook.”

Wildfire, Votigo and Snap App are really popular and the functionality they offer will help you to determine the type of competition you’re going to run. Below is a visual on some of “snap apps” competitions. They are bright and bold and grab attention.











Once you have your sweepstake or competition up and running, you will see how quickly it reaches many new people, as your fans will share with their friends and from there it will balloon out.

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