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Social Media and One on One Interactions

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.
– Lee Iacocca

It is not enough to just be on “Facebook” and other social media sites and even if you feel you have a connection with people on these sites – you and your New Zealand business can do more.

You can take the social media marketing  relationship to another level by responding to them personally.  Whenever possible address your fans by their name and respond to their comments individually.

Many people, fans and customers will be pleasantly surprised when they receive this personal touch from you and your business, it proves that you are listening and that you care about and respect their opinion, comments and feedback.   They are far more likely to then share and further interact with you.

Don’t sit back and wait for them to comment, invite personal interaction and ask for feedback and comments at every opportunity.  Get your fans opinions on relevant topics or asking them what types of content they want to see. Once you have acted on their comments and suggestions, then feed back to them and acknowledge them by name.

Social Media sites that have the most activity seem to be those that get the most feedback from fans, they constantly invite people to post any questions they have and they respond quickly and in a way that is further engaging.

Try some of the following ideas to make your Social Media experience effective:

Tips for Success Interaction with your Business Social Media Followers:

  • Make your brand personal – humanize your brand by keeping it friendly, passionate and share you experiences.
  • Treat people well – Always make your fans feel respected, special and appreciated by giving them personal treatment, use their name and answer them directly.
  • Keep it simple – always make it easy for fans to respond to your posts, and let them know exactly what it is you would like them to do next and then thank them for their actions, comments etc.

If your business has gone to the trouble of setting up social media pages and profiles and your customers and fans are viewing them, then why not maximize their usefulness.

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