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The Importance of Link Building in Articles

Writing articles and blogs used to be a more organic and natural process where you could just write without thinking about how your article would be found and who would read it. Now, as authors and bloggers, especially if we are representing our New Zealand business, we are having to concern ourselves with things like search engine optimization (SEO), back linking, link building, natural links and of course how all this then links into Social Media Marketing NZ – which now plays an important part of a businesses online reputation management.

Building links into articles helps to get your article and blog found on the internet and this brings your audience to you and builds your brand identity.

There many ways to try and entice readers on the internet, not all of them are ethical or effective – but one method stands out as the best way to gain readers with your integrity intact.

Natural Links

Create a natural link by writing a high quality, original article with, relevant links. Then publish the article on a well-known website or blog.

This strategy has worked for numerous authors, it has worked because it is genuine or “organic” and because of this your article will be ranked higher and reach more readers.

Keeping it Relevant

How do you know if your link is relevant to your article or blog? If your article is about home renovation, then make sure your link is specifically that, don’t just link to something generic about property. Be specific – like “tops tips for DIY home renovations”. This level of relevance will help promote your credibility as an authority in the area of home renovation and this will, in turn, increase your rank.

Keep Connected

It is all about coming across as an authority and being trustworthy – this will build your brand and increase your visibility in the market. So within your article or blog make sure that links to articles and websites, that feature your New Zealand business brand, work and that what the reader click on and links to looks good. If the link does not work or where they arrive at does not relate to your link, then your brand will look dodgy and the reader will be suspicious of your brand.

On website links make sure your brand is clearly marketed in articles and in the “About” section. All contact information should be present and correct and easy to access for readers.

Use this link building strategy to increase your search result ranking and this will in turn increase your brand exposure and credibility. Always go for originality, quality, relevance, and transparency and you and your brand will be seen with integrity.

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