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Protecting Your Online Reputation Within Your Business

You might be surprised at the title of this blog and may not be aware of the dangers to your Online Reputation that your employees can pose, even without meaning to. Many businesses using Social Media Marketing NZ and connecting with many people are gaining the benefits that mass marketing offers, but there are some dangers to be on the look out for.

The following list highlights some of the dangers that employees may pose.

  • Gossip – whatever employees decide to share reflects on your business. If your company name is listed against their social media profile, then what they put on the site will reflect on how your business is perceived. They may upload a “work mates” photo album of a night out on the town with compromising or inappropriate pictures, your company is then associated with that.
  • Negativity – Posting negative information regarding your company on their own Facebook page, Twitter feed, or blog. Your company can be talked about without your knowledge. If you are not friends or followers of every employee and you do not monitor their pages, then you will not know if they are posting comments that could be damaging to your business?
  • Sensitive information – employees can publish sensitive information, often unintentionally, that will give your competitors an advantage over your business. Many people use social media accounts to share their lives, so they may say things at times without realizing it is damaging to your business.
  • Personal attacks – on managers or work colleagues within your business. Employees get into spats with each other and end up airing their grievances in social networking sites. While this does not involve negative comments regarding your business directly, it looks very bad for your business and may damage your reputation.
  • Negative remarks about your competitors – This is often done in defense of your business by loyal employees, but it can still be damaging, as it looks very unprofessional.
  • Posting pictures – unprofessional or objectionable pictures can damage your reputation. Employees often do not see a connection between the pictures they post of themselves on Facebook and their jobs, but there is a connection and you should be worried about it.
  • The About me section – this section is on many social media sites and many employees will share their work details. While this might seem unimportant, an employee who lists you as their employer is aligning themselves with your business and presenting themselves as representatives of the company.

Get your Business Reputation Under Control

  • Your business should have a Social Networking Policy that will be able to manage what your employees share on social media sites with regards to the company.
  • Clearly define “Social Media Sites” and what sites come under that heading, be careful about naming them as they are constantly evolving.
  • If you don’t mind your employees using social networking to represent your company online, then outline what boundaries you have with regard to content and photos.

Your online reputations must be protected – it is an important asset, it is worth protecting, because you won’t know how valuable it truly is, until you lose it.

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