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How to Write Blog Articles

To be a successful blogger you have to keep up with the many different aspects of blogging and accept that it is a constantly evolving genre.  But central to any change in the way to deliver a blog is the ability to write compelling, fresh and engaging content consistently and continuously over time.

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How each blogger does this varies and each blogger has their own style and uniqueness.  Individual style aside – there are some basic principles of writing great blog content that should be kept in mind.

Tips and Techniques for Bloggers

  • Make Your Writing Scannable – can a reader scan your article and get the gist of it and quickly find and click on any links.
  • Length of a Blog Post – Keep blogs shorter rather than longer, if you have a topic that will run long – break it up into a series of articles.
  • Effective Titles on Blogs – one of the most important elements of a blog post is it’s title – a title should grab attention and entice the reader, the title should clearly reflect the content.
  • Motivation – once you have been blogging for a while it is easy to lose drive.  Try inviting guest bloggers to keep the blogs moving.
  • Good Design – While the look of your site won’t neccassirely attract readers – a poor layout and design may well put off potential readers.
  • Use Social media – Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Netscape are all sites that can help traffic readers through to your blog, and also hopefully comment on your article – which will then be shared with their contacts. Using blogs as a Social Media Marketing NZ tool is an effective way to draw potential clients into clicking through to your online assets

Ironically there seems to be a vast number of blogs on how to write effective blogs.  These can be a great place to start if you are new to writing articles for a blog.  Click here to check out a good blog on blogging!

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