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New Zealand ISP’s Attack Email SPAM

Fighting email spam is a continuous war and New Zealand Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are stepping up the fight with new spam-fighting systems. TelstraClear recently announced it had spent $3.5 million on spam filtering technology.

Earlier in the month (November) ihug customers were demanding to know why they were having problems with their email service. One customer reported receiving over 6000 spam emails overnight and concluded that ihug’s anti- spam filter was not working. An apparent junk mail attack was to blame for ihug’s customers experiencing intermittent service according to an article on

Today “The Dominion Post” reports ‘Spam still affecting Xtra’ in an article articulating a similar problem to that experienced by ihug’s customers earlier last month.

With no announcement made by Xtra, their customers were unaware that the problem may be affecting the delivery of email to their Inbox

The good news is the unsolicited electronic messages bill is soon to become law in New Zealand and that should deter individuals and businesses from sending unsolicited bulk email. Australian company Clarity1 was recently fined A$5.5 million ($6.5 million) for sending millions of unsolicited emails over a two year period and this successful result is due to the introduction of the Australian anti-spam laws.

The possible impact of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Bill on your business can be viewed in this article

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