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Email Design – Layout and Format Tips

Just like web design, getting the layout of an HTML email right is essential. Here are some tips focusing on the layout and format of your email, these tips will help your Email marketing NZ campaigns to be successful.

Tips for Designing Email Templates

Designing a viable Email template can be trickier than you may think, but it is very important for the success of your Email Marketing campaigns. There are many variables with different email clients and making sure you have an effective message which communicates with the recipient is key.

Email Marketing Best Practices Part 1 (Why Do It?)

It is important that you put some effort into creating a clear and effective email marketing strategy as it can make the difference between a rapidly growing mailing list (that helps increase your sales and build stronger relationship with your subscribers) or result in the potential of losing your subscribers and getting your messages blocked before they reach your subscribers inbox.

Interesting Findings Regarding the From Address

A client has asked us about changing the FROM address in their emails so they can provide a more descriptive text to help with subscriber recognition. We thought about this question for a while and decided to run a couple of tests to see what would be the impact of changing the FROM address. Now…