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Social Media Outcry – GAP Reverts Back To Old Logo

GAP was keen on a new logo – however there was a public outcry on social media and they made the decision to revert back to the old logo. Listening and reacting in favour of consumer feedback is fundamental to business brand success.


Is Your Team Damaging Your Business Reputation?

A good reputation is one of the most valuable assets a business can own, and it can be the deciding factor that either makes or breaks a company in the marketplace. The trouble with a reputation however is it’s extremely difficult to build a good one, but surprisingly quick and easy to get a bad…


Online Reputation Management For Business

Trying to control the first page search rankings with quick and dirty guerrilla SEO tactics is like a coiled spring. You have to keep paying people a lot of money to keep the spring coiled as much as possible. You take your hand off the spring and BANG! the negative posts came straight back up.


Reputation management is a strategy that businesses use to try reduce the impact of negative sentiment online. While defining and implementing a reputation strategy for clients I have noticed the following 3 core mistakes that businesses make when try to applying reputation management themselves online:


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