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Top Digital Marketing Articles For Business


Businesses tend to use the digital marketing strategies they understand and have confidence in while ignoring the rest.  Reading articles on digital marketing may not change what your business is doing immediately however when the time is right more knowledge on what is available will be useful.

Ready to use tips on digital marketing can be found in articles on our BusinessBlogs website.  Every week on BusinessBlogs we publish high interest articles offering top tips for businesses.  Here are links to a few articles we have published in the last few weeks.

Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign explains digital marketing strategies including: social media marketing; email marketing; pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing content marketing, txt marketing and affiliate marketing.

How’s your txt marketing going?  Multi-Channel Marketing Must Include Text Messages explains the power of txt marketing.  It’s proven to be highly effective but there is a txt etiquette and it’s also part of the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2017 so ensure your business understands how to comply with the anti spam law.

The competitive world of e-commerce puts off a lot of start up businesses but there are some great tips in this article on how to overcome your fear and get found using some known and not so known strategies and resources.  There is also so great tips in this article on Advertising Best Practice Tips For e-Commerce Websites.

Finally one digital marketing strategy that is can not get enough attention is blogging and this article was published recently: 5 Keys to a Successful Business Blog.

Check in every month to find the latest top marketing articles on our BusinessBlogs website.

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