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More Kiwis Connect – 76% Use Smartphones

Smart Phones

Over the years we’ve regularly written about smartphone use and now two-thirds of New Zealanders own and use a smartphone.  Subscriptions are increasing globally and locally.  There are countries with uptake higher than ours including:  South Korea and Australia.

According to this article on there are nearly enough smartphone subscriptions for half the world’s population.  Back home we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and now three-quarters of us regularly use a smartphone for email, social sites, on demand tv, net surfing etc. Even half of our retired folk are regularly using the device.

Roy Morgan Research surveyed 12,000 Kiwis and found out 83 percent of us are viewing content ‘on demand’ and we prefer the Internet – and online browsing over watching scheduled TV and listening to the radio.  YouTube is the most visited site for kiwis.

While we’re all benefiting from being more connected it’s also stressing us out more according to this article on stuff.

“A tsunami of technology appears to have left Kiwis increasingly stressed, with two-thirds of us now complaining there are “not enough hours in the day”.

All night bingeing on streamed TV shows is clearly not sustainable.  Productivity at work and at home is probably suffering already as we try to roger on the day after a binge with little to no sleep.   Watch this space however, before long there will be an App that locks us out of our devices so we’re forced to have some down time.

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