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Email But Not As You Know It


Humans like to predict the future as we don’t really like surprises and while we know change is inevitable we want to be as prepared as we can be when change occurs.  So what is the future of email?  Will it exist and if so what will it look like and how will we use it?

American company, Litmus recently released a report comprising of  predictions for email in the year 2020.  Twenty experts from ESPs, agencies, educators and consultancies were asked what they thought and their responses are not only thought provoking they’re encouraging if you love email as a communication channel – and we most certainly do!

“Email is more likely to be around in 10 years than Facebook, cable TV, Twitter, and other channels, according to consumers.”

Here are some ideas from the report:

Email Inbox prioritises what you want to see in real time depending on your location and what you’re doing.  I.e. if you’re out shopping your Inbox will prioritise email relevant to your activity e.g.  you’ll see an email at the top of your Inbox from a shop you get emails from.

Sophisticated data aggregation via cloud based platforms.  Improved data collection sharing for instantaneous response and interaction with customers via email.

Hyper-personalisation of emails.  Predictive cues will provide the content for emails and all will be personalised within a marketing campaign.  Email messages would be unique i.e. no two email messages would be exactly the same.  The  email style, and content will be customised on customer data.  Some recipients may get images in their emails, others may not.   Messages in general may be a lot shorter.

There will still be a need for services.  Fully automated emails are not expected to replace emails generated by us.  Technology will improve the speed to market and the form of emails will change however there will be a role for marketers.  According to the Litmus report a poll reported only 13% thought all emails would be automated by 2020.


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