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Digital Marketing – What’s Next?



Digital marketing is moving in a new direction.  There are Ad Blockers, Ad Blocker Blockers, there’s also ‘Human-Net’ and Add-vertising, plus the continuous appetite for content and storytelling.  It’s no wonder CMOs (chief marketing officers) are in high demand.


CMOs are now important hires and they’re taking their place at the boardroom table.  It’s a role that is seen now as crucial to the future success of businesses.

Ad Blockers & Ad Blocker Blockers

The advent of Ad Blockers and Ad Blocking Blockers has spurred thought on where online advertising and marketing is heading.  Adverts gleaming user data annoyed users enough to adopt Ad Blockers.  Businesses and Publishers serving up the Ads have fought back with legal action and ad blocker blocking software and this fight will continue for some time to come. So where to next for marketers?

Content Marketing

Well there’s always native and content marketing to leap over the Ad Blockers and meet the continuous appetite of online visitors.  Publishers are already onboard – publishing sponsored articles, and using their website background to display advertising images to satisfy marketers.   Paid content must add value to the reader.  Niche blog sites like PropertyBlogs work well as content marketing publishers as they are serving up valuable, relevant, content to a targeted audience.

Add-vertising & Human-Net

This is the new advertising!  Adverts that drive the most value are those that evoke emotion and provide ultimate value to it’s audience.  This also ties in with ‘Human-Net’.   Brands need to be transparent and show their vulnerability to their intended audience i.e. show their ‘human-side’.   They need to apologise when they mess up and celebrate success.  A good example of human-net is the bet between Qantas and Air New Zealand.  When Australia lost the RWC final, Qantas staff had to wear All Blacks uniforms on their flights.

The evolving landscape of digital marketing suggests the businesses providing free stuff including helpful tips and advice will win the loyalty of it’s intended audience.


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