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High Earners Using Ad-Blockers The Most


With Apple’s iOS9 now supporting Ad Blockers it’s the high earners who are using them the most and of course they’re the consumers marketers aim to target.

MarketingLand reports across all generations from 18 years old the high earners are switching off Ads on all their devices from the Desktop to the smartphone.  Some countries are ahead of others in ad blocker use.  Consumers in France use ad blocking software the most – with an average of 27 percent of online users now blocking Ads.  Germany’s average is 24 percent and the UK is back on 10 percent for now.  The use of ad blockers will continue to rise across all continents including Asia which is already at an average of 9 percent.

eMarketer reports in the USA two thirds of online users aged 18 – 24 use ad blockers and at least a third of Millennials are also blocking ads.

But respondents also said ads were just not the best way to reach them. Free content was the most effective way they recommended for companies looking to attract their business, followed by discounts or free trial offers by mail, and appearing high in search results.



Businesses are adopting paid content marketing services for backlinks to their website and improved organic search results knowing this is the way forward to get targeted consumers to their online website and sales landing pages.

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