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Future of Emails Is Microsite eDMs

The future of emails is incredibly bright with design features on the horizon that can turn an eDM into a landing page or microsite. The focus of eDM microsite design is to allow your eDM recipient to stay within their Inbox on their smartphone but still take the action your business desires – i.e. make a purchase.

New eDM Design Features We Can Look Forward To

Litmus showcase some of the new features that will roll out over time. In the US smartphone usage is a lot higher than in NZ and of course they have the population too so they generally utilise new design functionality even if it’s only available on a handful of email applications.

Video Content In The Background of an eDM

This has been around for a while yet we’ve only seen it in use by tech companies and it’s only available on a restricted number of email clients but it’s definitely the future. Static images are replaced with video content that runs in the background of your eDM content so it’s like a moving background image.


Live Content Dynamically Displaying In Your eDM

Your eDM can display countdown counters or the latest weather dynamically. When your recipient opens the eDM a feed updates the counter or weather report. This feature will be highly valuable for businesses special deals and sales.

Drop Down Menus

eDMs presenting like websites with dropdown menu bars – also known as Hamburger menus. Using the expand and shrink method now commonly utilised in online banner advertising.

eDM Carousels

Similar to the sliders we’re all used to seeing now on websites – the slider carousel may become second nature to us when we open an eDM. Here is Litmus’ example of an eDM carousel in action.

While we have these new features to look forward – and it may be a game changer for email marketing – it is quite a way off from being a reality for most businesses in New Zealand.

eDM design is highly reliant on email applications rendering the code that presents features and many of our email list recipients still use their ‘work’ email address and their employer’s email application which is on the desktop.

Check out the devices your email recipients use to open your eDMs in the statistics area of your MM account.


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