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Tips To Grow Your Business Email Marketing List


Businesses already secure customers from email marketing so the greatest challenge is not what to say to get the business it’s how to say it to more people.   Reaching more people to grow your email list takes ingenuity, motivation and reach.

Ingenuity is realised in the strategies your business puts to use to secure new subscribers.  Motivation is what’s required to keep at it – i.e. keep a keen focus on growing your email marketing list continuously and ‘reach’ is what you have when you are achieving your target new subscriber sign up rate.

The usual email list sign up strategies include a sign up form on your website, sign up marketing banners also on your website, and social media pages.    Your blog posts should also have links to your email list sign up and every eDM your business delivers should have a ‘forward’ and ‘subscribe’ function.

Here Are Three More Tips To Grow Your Business Email List Continuously
  1. Run Competitions in Social Media  –  Competitions are a fun way to share information on your business and secure interest from new people.  The quality of the new people you attract depends on the prizes and the competition qualification rules.  If they are closely aligned to your products or services then you’ve a much higher chance of securing entrants who have a genuine interest in your business.
  2. Share Your eDMs in Social Media –   Encourage your email list subscribers to share your eDMs with their followers in social media and via email.  Broadcast your eDMs to your own Business social media pages, groups and personal profiles (if appropriate).  Your eDMs should have social sharing icons and you’ll receive the statistics in your MM email account so you could personally thank or reward subscribers who do share.
  3. Giveaway free eBook –  Every year release an updated edition of an eBook relevant to your business.   To download the eBook subscribers must provide their email address.  Promote each release in your online  and offline marketing throughout the year.

To keep your email list growing – think ingenuity, motivation and reach.

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