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Google Non-Mobile Friendly Penalty April 2015



The swift switch to mobile use for all things online had WebSitePulse predicting Google will penalise websites that are not mobile friendly in the near future.  Their prediction was back in July 2013.

Fast forward to March 2015 and it’s the talk of Internet.  An online search garnered pages of results for this event and while WebSitePulse first reported their prediction in July 2013 there were other sites predicting it a few months earlier and it’s all due to the 2011 release of Google’s “Googlebot-Mobile”.

As described by WebSitePulse:

“Googlebot-Mobile is a web crawler, designed to ferret out mobile specific content and adjust rankings based on how a website had geared their content toward smartphone users.”

Back to the future – come April 2015 Google is set to penalise website’s ranking if they are not mobile friendly.  It’s unusual for Google to forewarn of a pending penalty.  There are lots of New Zealand websites that are non-responsive nor have a mobile friendly version.  If your website is one of them plan a switchover immediately.

Landing Pages should also be responsive as well as your email marketing messages.  There are ‘all in one’ marketing systems in use that are not using responsive design so avoid them.  Statistics confirm responsive design eDMs and landing pages have a much higher conversion rate and that’s what all businesses are after – otherwise why do email marketing?

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