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How Welcoming Is Your Business?


Do you have a ‘Welcome’ email set up?  If not your business is missing out on creating a good first impression.  In our earlier blog article – eDM Personalisation Tips – setting up a series of welcoming emails for new subscribers was the core topic.

In this blog article we focus on why you need to set up at least one well thought out ‘Hello From Us’ eDM that will be received by anyone joining your email marketing list.

First Impressions

Where possible your business should want to be in control of the first impressions received by prospective customers.   People are quick to judge (sometimes within milliseconds) and they will often be willing to make really big calls on the first impressions they receive so if it’s possible to provide the first impressions – grab it and use it wisely.

Delivering a Welcome eDM (which in the absence of a personalised eDM could be your most recent newsletter) – shows your new subscriber that you are genuinely interested in them.  It’s also an opportunity to show them what they will receive from your email marketing on a regular basis now they are on the email list.

Customised Welcome Email

Due to first impressions being so powerful the Welcome eDM would ideally be a customised friendly introduction to your business.  Personalising the Welcome eDM is very important too – starting with the ‘Hello First Name’.

While the Welcome eDM should steer away from the big sell – it should include contact details for your sales and support teams.  Ideally mentioning the names of actual people in both teams who can be contacted and their contact details.


Finally welcome feedback in your first eDM.  Set up and provide a system that can accept feedback and ensure your business responds to it.

Remember we only get one chance at a first impression – so where your business can – make sure it owns it!

Contact us to set up your Welcome eDM in your Mobilize Mail account.

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