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A Holistic Focus To Content Marketing

Content marketing needs to be assessed on its holistic value to your business not just the direct measurement of views and clicks.

Injecting links in the custom written content and measuring the clicks is essentially only measuring part of the overall value content marketing provides to your business.

Content Marketing – Blog Posts’ Holistic Value

We know search engines loves unique targeted content, therefore dynamic content (regular blog posts) is a winner for getting found online.

Your blog posts can generate back-links via sharing and they continue to work for your business over time – sending new visitors to your website and assisting in your website’s page rank.

More blog posts that are custom written, targeted and shared bring more visitors to your website from other online channels. These visitors may read the blog post and then visit other pages on your website thus staying on your website longer and thereby reducing the visitor bounce rate off your website.

“The longer a visitor stays on your site the higher the probability they will take the action you want them to take.”
Donna Richardson

There are also the more intangible goals of content marketing that need to be measured like attaining a ‘trusted advisor’ or thought leader status for your business. Well written custom articles or blog posts can go a long way in providing the collateral that is measured for achieving this status.

There are offshoots that can be utilised for lead generation too. Blog posts and custom articles can be included in an eBook that in turn can be given away. The eBook giveaway is a highly successful lead generation tool.

In summary content marketing works in more ways than most of us measure. Marketers around the world are recommending more content marketing as a long tail strategy online.

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