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How To Get Your Unsubscribed Email Recipients Back

The email campaign statistic we loathe to view is the unsubscribe rate and rightly so. If you’re anything like most marketers you celebrate when it’s really low. But how do you keep it low?

There are actions you can take to reduce your unsubscribe rate and this will be the topic of the next blog post.  This blog post lets you know how to get those valued unsubscribed recipients back on your email marketing list.

How To Convert Previously Unsubscribed Recipients

We have created a tried and proven solution that many of our clients love.  They use it to convert previously unsubscribed email recipients and re-engage with existing inactive recipients.  The added bonus of this solution is it also attracts new people and it all starts with sharing high quality ‘how to’ information for free or a nominal fee.

Share ‘How To’ Information To Get Your Unsubscribed & Inactive Email Recipients Back

1. Create the Product. Work out what your business can provide then create a downloaded document like an eBook or host an information sharing event.

2. Set up the Sign Up system. Use a registration & social sharing system like CampaignHub to offer your downloadable documents, eBooks or to manage the registration to your information events .

3. Advertise.  Your business can now market the eBook or event far and wide online.

This system works extremely well. Just recently a client secured nearly 100 previously unsubscribed email recipients via their new eBook using our CampaignHub.



Your unsubscribed email recipients can be found on social networking and niche publisher websites. Therefore once your campaign has been set up; advertise your eBook or information event in various online channels where your intended audience may be located.

Visitors can view and click the advertisement (an online banner or text advert with link) and register to download your eBook or attend your event.

Wording on the registration form meets the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 requirements informing all who elect to register are also opting in to receive your email communication.  As it is an opt-in process they can like any of your email recipients unsubscribe again – however this is less likely when you’re providing the with what they want.

An unsubscribed email recipient does not need to be lost forever!

View our infographic on how to create an eBook for your business.


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