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Linkedin Infographic Of The Past 14 years

Last week we shared our Blog and eBook Infographic in our monthly newsletter and a few days later we received a timeline infographic of Linkedin’s journey over the past 14 years.

With permission we have published the Linkedin infographic on our website and summarised some of the key events of Linkedin over the past 14 years.

Key Events of Linkedin since inception – 5 May 2003

  • Linkedin started with an experienced team.  Reid Hoffman recruited old colleagues from SocialNet and Paypal.
  • Partners with American Express a year later
  • In 2005 Linkedin worked out how it was going to make money and made a profit a year later
  • Staff changes and Jeff Weiner joins in 2009
  • 2011 Linkedin becomes a publicly traded company on the New Year Stock Exchange

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The Remarkable Success Of Linkedin | Mobilize Mail


For Businesses Linkedin is the social networking of choice and a must-join for anyone in business in New Zealand.

Set up a personal profile – check out my Linkedin profile here.  Once you have a profile you can find people you know and request a connection.

Your business can have a Company page – here is the Mobilize Mail Company page and you can join groups.

We have a dedicated Linkedin Group for New Zealand Businesses – it’s called New Zealand Small Business Talk and Blogs.  It’s an active group of New Zealanders in business and it is worth joining and regularly participating in the group discussions.



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