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Steve Jobs Selling Rules Work For Email Marketing

It’s been 18 months since the death of Steve Jobs however his wisdom and greatness lives on.

An article published in Newsweek a few days after Steve’s death provided Steve’s 10 Rules for selling.

Some of these lessons also apply to email marketing – check them out…..

1. Never Stop Studying/Learning

Know what works today with your email marketing. Continuously taking the same action will get the same results for a while then they’ll deteriorate.

Follow successful email campaigns, then change yours up & review – then repeat every time

2. Go For Perfect

In particular “attention to detail” – this was Steve Jobs’ passion and the lesson I personally learned from studying him.  Email marketing also demands perfection for optimum results.   The content (wording and images), the presentation, the landing pages all need to be carefully considered and reviewed for all campaigns

Attention to Detail – “sweat the small stuff”

3. Simplify

Less really is more for eDM messages.  Review your eDM content – if you can say it with a picture or image – use it.

“A picture paints a thousand words”  Frederick Barnard (1921)

4. Use Experts

No one knows it all and vital sales can be lost through the ole DIY mentality. Engage the services of experts specialising in managing email marketing campaigns in part or full.

Smart people engage even smarter people

5. Shun Focus Groups

Steve Jobs was not a fan of focus groups.  He believed people didn’t know what they wanted.  The opportunity awaits us to communicate effectively in email campaigns to encourage action from our email list recipients.  Our role is to introduce what we have to offer then review the response rather than second guess what the recipients may be interested in.

“Seek to understand then to be understood”  Steven Covey

6. Use more Carrot than Stick

Communicate the good stuff about your business products, services and avoid scaremongering, and threatening tactics.


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