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B2B Email Marketing & Social Sharing Solutions

We know firsthand it’s a challenge grow your business email list compliantly or in many cases just keep it at same level due to ongoing unsubscribes and bounced email addresses.To meet the email list challenge we created our CSN for our clients!

Over the years we have organically grown our B2B CSN network including blogs, email lists and online social profiles (BusinessTalk FacebookBusinessTalk Twitter, & LinkedIn Group).

Our systems share your blog posts, and email marketing messages with our B2B audience.

Your New Zealand business can reach out to thousands of B2B visitors online as part of your usual email marketing campaigns.  When you have an email marketing & delivery account with us you can elect which add ons you desire – and on an ad hoc basis.

Your business may be launching a new product or service that you want to share far and wide to a targeted audience – now you can do so with our B2B email marketing & social sharing solutions. Click here for more information….


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