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Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Media

Mobilize Mail has active social profiles (, and LinkedIn groups) and we actively participate.

However we have known for some time that email marketing is more successful for businesses than social media and it is reassuring that others believe it too.

So why is email marketing more powerful than social media for business?  Rich Brooks has put his reasons in an article here and to summarise it –

  1. When you build a platform on a social networking site – whatever you do on the site stays there.  The key is to use the social sites to channel visitors to your site and onto your email list.
  2. Tweet to thousands of followers and a handful may see it.  Send an eDM to thousands of recipients and thousands see it, and take action that you can track and measure.
  3. Social Media is communicating with the masses (your followers) as a collective group and your message is not personalised in any way e.g.  you can not address your recipients by their name.  With email marketing personalisation has stepped up to a level where the entire content of an eDM can be highly personalised per recipient – now that’s smart!
  4. Not sure if this applies to New Zealand usage but in Rich’s article he says 38 percent of time spent on mobiles is looking at emails!  Mobilize Mail tracks the devices used to open eDMs and mobile usage is definitely increasing.  Read this article for more on mobile usage in New Zealand for emails.
  5. Advertising on social media sites versus email marketing.   In our experience email marketing wins every time.  Our clients secure more sales via their email marketing than they do from their social networking profiles and advertising.

We are not advocating email marketing solves all your business communication needs.  Social media definitely plays a role and it is not a ‘one size fits all’ i.e. do it all on social media or just do email marketing, both can play an active role for your business.



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