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Perception Rules – Look After All Your Marketing Channels

Its easy to get caught up in one marketing channel and forget your business has many channels and they all need attention.  Perception rules therefore ignoring your social media profiles or your email list may be a detriment to your business.  More than likely an employee will favour one channel over another e.g. he or she may love Facebook and do a wonderful job engaging with potential customers and advocates of your business but not care much for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and email.

Email marketing is by far the most successful channel for engagement, and response.  Regular communication via this channel is highly recommended for your business.  A week is a long time in email world,  therefore we recommend you deliver a newsworthy eDM (email marketing) message delivered once a month to keep your business in the minds of your prospects and customers.  What’s also important to remember is your business email list is yours and you can control how often you contact it and what you communicate.  This should be where you spend a lot of your marketing budget – growing your email list compliantly and sending eDMs your recipients want.

Business Blogging is also a very successful channel.  Once again you are in full control and you own your blog.  It is where you can publish your news, company updates, new products or services and they can be shared with lots of marketing channels programmatically.  Use a social media marketing system like CampaignHub to broadcast each blog post out to your various social networks and your email list.  We call this service ‘publish once, broadcast many’.

There are social networks that require you to be highly active – Facebook and Twitter require twice weekly online time at a minimum.  Twitter has changed customer support forever.  It is faster contacting a business via twitter  than it is using their free phone service.

In summary review all your marketing channels regularly and ensure they all get the attention they need to work congruently for your business. Use your business blog and a system like ‘publish once, broadcast many’ to manage your marketing channels.


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