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How Effective is Article Marketing?

Is your New Zealand business using Article Marketing?

Businesses in the know do on a regular basis – they understand that publishing articles that provide knowledge, experience and interest generates positive sentiment and valuable links to their online assets.

For article marketing to work well with your other marketing strategies like Email Marketing  we recommend creating a dedicated strategic and operational plan for your articles, including where they’ll be published – i.e. what websites.

Earlier today Donna Richardson, the Director of Mobilize Mail Limited shared great tips about article marketing….

Article Marketing Tips For New Zealand Businesses

Article Publishing – It is ideal to publish at least once a month but the more articles you can publish the better. Article marketing is more effective when it is published regularly and not in a haphazard way, publishing on a regular basis builds a trustworthy status for your business and this in turn improves your reputation and your ranking in search engine results like Google and Yahoo.

Hyperlinks in your Article – Use hyperlinks to your website in the articles that you publish. Every month you should review your website statistics – this will tell you how effective your current strategies are and give you proof that article marketing is effective.

Articles Need to be Unique – on each Publishing Site the article needs to be unique. Any duplication of articles reduces it effect and the results that you want achieved. It also looks unprofessional if readers pick up that you are just re-hashing articles.

Less is More – It is pointless to write a novel that no one will read, keep articles to between 300 and 600 words. A really strong 300 words or more will be really effective, if you have a subject that requires a lengthy article – split it up into a series of shorter articles, this will make them more readable and give you the continuity that is important for article marketing.

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