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Short Burst Communication in Email Marketing

It is sometimes hard to remember how we communicated before emails, both in business and in our daily lives, the days of hand written letters are a distant memory for many of us.  In business Emails are now the predominant form of communication and the importance of them as an effective short burst communication is widely accepted.

Email Marketing NZ has grown and evolved over the years and for many businesses it has become a key part of their marketing strategy.  To ensure your business can take advantage of the benefits of short-burst communications, there are a few key things to keep in mind when putting together your email marketing campaign.

Tips for Effective Emails

  • Be concise – keep messages concise and to the point, there is only a few seconds to grab your recipients attention, avoid the temptation to get as much information in as you can, instead keep your message sharp and precise.
  • Be specific – ensure that the message tells the recipient what is on offer and keep key information “above the fold”.
  • Have a Call to Action – design your email so that it is obvious to the reader what they are meant to do and make sure it is easy for them to action by putting links in the email.
  • Easy to read – keep your email interesting and keep the layout in easy to read format.
  • Make sharing easy – add links and sharing capability to your email, so that the email can be easily shared within a group.
  • Professional – always make sure that your email has good quality content and graphics, so that it looks professional and sharp.
  • Use links – in your email get to the point quickly and expand on your message via links to your website, social media sites and blogs.  Using links allows you to direct recipients onto other sites and encourages them to engage in your brand.

So, in short – your emails need to be clear, concise and to the point.  They need to have a clear call to action that is above the fold – this means that the reader does not have to scroll to get to the key information.  The overall look of your email should be easy on the eye with sharp graphics and a polished text.

Email Marketing NZ and Email Message Design have become increasingly important and sophisticated and as a business you need to keep up with the latest developments and make sure your emails and email campaigns give you a return on investment.


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