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How Social Media Helps in Event Promotion

Events are the perfect meeting place for people with a shared interest, and interacting with others is a great way to get the latest updates.

However, such events can be difficult to organize so that they suit everyone.

One way to make the most of events for those in attendance and those hooked into the event via the internet, is with the use of social media sites.

Social media can extend the reach and participation of events and can create a far bigger impact and awareness than otherwise. Social media provides the interactive platform for people to voice their opinions before and after the event takes place. Those attending may be followed by the networks and groups that they are part of, and if all the participants are included, this could multiply into thousands.  Mobilize Mail can ensure that your Social Media Marketing NZ strategy has maximum impact and will help your event to have a greater impact and return on investment.

How to involve social media

  • A wireless network – Wireless broadband connectivity is the first and most important pre-requisite for the event. Even if special arrangements have to be made at an additional cost, it will be worthwhile. Participants and attending members can be provided the connection so as to enable them to connect to their networks.
  • Smart phones and iPads – Smart phones and now increasingly tablet computers like the iPad are now common and having plently of power sockets to charge them would be an advantage. During the course of the event Twitter tweets and comments on other media can be expected. Updates sent throughout events are valuable in generating an interest in the event.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags have the ability to make each tweet into a big source of information for both participants and their networks. Hashtags are a string of characters that follow a hash symbol and users of Twitter use to make it into a search string. There is no ownership of hashtags but they must be unique to give the search string a unique identity. Others get to know about the hashtag when they are informed through your post or through print media. It can then be used for live Twitter updates and people will begin to recognize it if it is displayed at the event as well.
  • Visual aids for Tweets – Visual aids as part of Twitter help in involving more people for participation, and the event becomes more interactive. In the past, conferences have used a search column or Tweetdeck, for interactive sessions and real time feedbacks. Additionally, is a free tool available on the web that facilitates search of terms, and this then displays all related tweets along with the hashtag created for the event.
  • Twitter trends – Many sites carry a sign ‘trending now’. This refers to a number of people searching for the same term at the same time in different places. Twitter identifies it as a trend and others can see how popular that topic is at that time. is a valuable online tool that uses graphic displays to show real time trending words to its audience in the form of a map.
  • Facebook – Facebook with its 700 million users is a powerful medium to share, and opening a Facebook page for an event becomes a powerful way to spread information and invite comments, inputs and initiate discussions before, during and after the event.

The options available are endless and can be used beneficially to create a lasting impression about the event. Webminars, videos on Youtube and live video feeds can also be attempted to increase the reach of the event and make it a truly social phenomenon.


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