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SEO To Grow Your Sales & Manage Your Reputation

There is a misconception that SEO (search engine optimisation) is a one-off task.  That is once a website has been optimised the SEO has been done and the website will rank highly in search results forever.  Umm not so there are five essentials for local SEO to get the desired results for your website or blog.

Use Article Marketing To Get Found Online

Placement of unique articles on websites and blogs that have a higher page rank than your own online presence is a key SEO strategy.  We recommend businesses focus more investment in this strategy for ‘getting found to grow your sales and manage your reputation’.

Mobilize Mail set up content syndication blogs a couple of years ago to help their clients ‘get found’ by using the article marketing strategy.  These blogs utilise our social media marketing software to broadcast the articles to our CSN network of 30,000+ followers. are two very popular content syndication sites for article marketing.


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