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How does Upselling Work

Upselling is a sales term that means to induce the client to purchase more items or spend more money by adding on to their purchase, with the benefit to your business of more profit.

To upsell products and services usually means your business would use a marketing strategy and it is an area of sales that can be very lucrative for your business. Studies show that it is easier to gain additional sales from existing clients than it is to get new sales.

Many businesses use upselling in their sales marketing and will often use Email Marketing to further push the upsell and build a long term relationship with their clients.

To see an example of how Upselling works Click here to read the article on BusinessBlogs, titled “An example of Upselling that Works” This article uses a case study to illustrate how upselling works for Knowledge to Action and how easy it would be to translate this to your own business.

And if you want more information on how upselling works or how your business could benefit from running an email marketing campaign with upsell options then Contact Us to find out about the UpSell Solution for your Business.

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