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Email Marketing – Is that It?

These days it’s hard to find a business (online or otherwise) who isn’t utilising email marketing to promote their wares on a regular basis. Too regularly many of us would suggest given how quickly our junk and delete folders fill up. The good news is email marketing when executed well can provide greater results – and utilising the features, widgets, tools available to you with a professional email marketing account is where it all starts.

Must Use Email Marketing Tools, Widgets, and Features

  • To get more traction from your email marketing e.g. more message views, clicks and subscribers onto your email lists – marry your email campaigns in with your other online marketing initiatives – including social media marketing.
  • Ensure you utilise the ‘share this’ widget in email marketing so your email message can be broadcasted to your email subscribers’ social media profiles. Your email message can now ‘go viral’ and reach a broader online audience.
  • An important factor in email marketing is the look and feel of the message. You should be able to easily update your email marketing messages with your logo and your brand’s style.
  • Promoting and integrating your social networking presence with your email marketing is an easy way to grow your audience. Ensure sure all your email marketing messages have links to your Business social networking profiles.
  • Use an email marketing management system with an auto subscriber management solution. Utilising tools that automatically update your contact list from your website and social networking profiles will ensure your business can easily capture an active audience.
  • Keeping your email messages out of people’s junk folder should be a top priority for you, and part of the solution is solved by using a reputable email service provider (like Mobilize Mail) so your email is delivered by private not public mail servers.
  • Finally, a fundamental email marketing tool is measurement (reviewing statistics per message). Capturing information such as; Open rates, unsubscribes, bounces and click throughs will give you enough feedback to be dangerous – only joking. Reviewing these key statistics per message or per campaign will present what works and what flops with your email subscribers so you can change to get a better result. More advanced statistical measurement like social networking data including shares, likes and re-tweets will give you a boarder view of how well your campaigns are received online.





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