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How To Get New Business From Online Marketing

According to recent research, finding new business is the greatest challenge small businesses face.

The same research also shows that to meet this challenge many small businesses are turning to the large assortment of readily available online marketing tools.

In the image – found in this article here suggests; Website, Email Marketing and Key Word Search top the list of online strategies utilized by American small businesses and these would top our (NZ) list too.

The image illustrates how between 2010 and 2011 the use of all online marketing tools increased, and this is thanks to small businesses, who are their heaviest users and small business is willing to give new strategies a go..

Three quarters of small businesses say they use websites, email campaigns and search term marketing to attract new business. They also display a willingness to experiment with other forms of digital marketing, where as larger companies are more hesitant.

Therefore generally speaking businesses with smaller marketing budgets need their marketing dollar to go further so they become the early adopters of untried or unproven marketing strategies as a necessity rather than a choice and bigger businesses benefit from their efforts.

Although small businesses use of online marketing continues to develop and increase, this is not to say it is without challenges. While they’ve enthusiastically taken up these digital channels, small businesses also report dissatisfaction with how effective these channels are at winning them new customers.

We therefore suggest focusing on a handful of online marketing channels – commence with the most obvious if you do not know where to start, test, and test again until you become practiced and there’s a healthy ROI – then consider other channels without committing a huge share of your online marketing budget at the outset. See our solutions for email marketing and key word search to get you started – click here.

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