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Part 2 – Knowledge for Greater Email & Social Media Success

Here is another top tip on how to achieve measureable results from your email and social media marketing.

KISS Approach to Getting Response

The earlier article (Knowledge for Greater Email & Social Media Success) discussed the KISS Approach to Sharing and this time we are looking at what to do to get action from your recipients and online follower/visitors.

The information you communicate in your email marketing messages and online must be “hyper-intuitive”. By hyper-intuitive we infer the message needs to be very easy to understand with a clear instruction and targeted to its intended audience so you get the quality response you desire.

For example if you wish to apply a marketing strategy to grow your email list with potential customers – the first step taken is to identify ‘who’ you wish to target i.e. who are your prospective customers? Remember you want a quality response as this will save time in the process of converting prospects to clients – therefore we recommend you spend the most time allocated to this ‘first step’.

To understand who your clients are – build up profiles of your current clients and their business. This will ensure your giveaway prize, or event or ebook is desired by your desired prospective clients.

The next step is to work out what you can provide for free – that will interest and benefit this targeted group of prospective customers. For our own business we created a free downloadable e-book called ‘email and social media marketing for business’ which can be found here 

Once you have your free gift sorted out, the next step is to communicate it via your email marketing, and on your online assets (blog/website) as well as your social media profiles (facebook page/twitter profile).

For our free e-book we provided a ‘call to action’ banner (see image 1) on our blog website, plus we also broadcasted text links and visual hyperlinked banners on our social media profiles which ‘instructed’ the viewer to click through to the ‘free e-book’ webpage which is a sign up page and it is on this page where our e-book’s contents are communicated using a KISS approach to get response.

We use this marketing strategy all the time. It is measurable so it allows us to change tact if what we are doing is not working or continue using the same strategy if it is working. Our own marketing of this e-book has resulted in over a thousand downloads which means we have acquired over a thousand email addresses and they have been added to our email marketing list.

Does this strategy work? Yes it definitely does work – our own experience confirms you can grow your email list with targeted prospective customers.


Whatever you elect to give away for free – in all your marketing messages remember to use the KISS approach to response by spelling out what you will provide and how it will benefit the recipient.

Keep the sign up process short e.g. no more than 3 clicks from communicating the offer to providing the freebie. This tip is also relevant for running prize draws, getting response to surveys and registering for events etc.

Use strategies that are measureable and easy to do – adhering to the “KISS Approach To Get Response”.

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