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Knowledge For Greater Email & Social Media Success


Information – What Are You Sharing?

The quality of your email and social media network is more than likely directly attributed to the information you and your business are sharing. Knowledge is power and content is king for retaining and growing email and social media networks for your New Zealand Business. Be discerning and choose highly targeted relevant content (news, views) that educates, entertains, shares and inspires your followers. Now where your content residing?

Bring Your Followers To You

Place your content on your own online assets e.g. Your New Zealand business blog, website. Remember you do not own social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter therefore we recommend you publish your daily or weekly blog posts, articles, e-books on your website, or blog site and reach out to your networks in social media and email with broadcasting style messages – that bring these people to your blog or website to read your articles, posts, news and views. Once they are on your site they can elect to also view your ‘services or products’ or elect to learn more about your business. Which brings me to the next tip – Call to Actions.

Call To Actions

A quick question for you – can you name more than one highly visible Call to Action on your blog or website? You may be wondering, what is a Call to Action? A banner or sign up form to join your email newsletter is a Call to Action (C2A), so is a ‘quote request’ form or a ‘request to interview’. Essentially a C2A is an instruction that encourages the viewer to take some action resulting in your business getting information from that person that allows your business to contact them. An example is the trusty email newsletter sign up – e.g. Join Our Newsletter for the latest updates including deals – click here – by clicking on the link the person may arrive at a sign up page that asks for the person’s first name and email address.

KISS Approach To Sharing

Your Social Media and Email followers will remain with you longer if you are sharing relevant high quality information. They will work for you too by sharing your content (blog posts, articles etc) with their colleagues, friends, associates and your business will reap the benefits with more prospects acting on your ‘Call to Actions’ requesting quotes, downloading your e-books or joining your email lists. Knowledge truly is all powerful and how you share that knowledge with your followers in social media and email can be taken care of with systems and sharing tools. Contact us to find out more.

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