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Are Websites About to Become Obsolete?

The words “drive them to your website” may soon become obsolete as social media online marketing platforms and interactive websites continue to increase in popularity.

Remember when having your own URL was the key focus of your marketing plan? And building a huge website with all the bells and whistles was how you communicated with your clients and increase your customer base.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are choosing to use social media and interactive platforms like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. And we think these savvy businesses are onto a good thing.

In the current online marketing space, we are finding more often than not, consumers’ first contact with businesses or brands is often through online marketing platforms and interactive sites.

For example, with over one million New Zealanders signed up to Facebook you’d be silly not to utilize this online audience. Recent statistics show that it’s the second most visited website in the country behind Google.

Just as an aside, do you remember that 80s Faberge Organic Hair Shampoo advert where they said ‘they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on and so on?’ Well, we think Facebook works a bit like that. Check out the ad just for old times sake

But we digress…
At Mobilize Mail, we believe marketing your brand and products on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter is the way to go to reach out to prospects and customers alike.

In answer to the question: “Are websites about to become obsolete?” We say ‘no’ – they won’t fade away forever however they will change from their static status to a dynamic status with regularly updated content and the ability to interact with the people who visit.

Our social media marketing solutions not only transform your static website to a dynamic site they also provide an automated management system for communicating your business on Facebook and Twitter. More information can be found by visiting our social media marketing

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